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What is the World Superstars of Grappling?

Mike Ciprianni, a philanthropist/entrepreneur involved in various businesses from ownership to fundraising for youth baseball teams and youth scholarships, came up with the faint idea of the WORLD SERIES OF GRAPPLING.  Mike Ciprianni started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training in 2008 and his son Frankie started training and competing in various events in 2009 at the age of 4.   Ciprianni, once again began to play with the World Superstars of Grappling idea a bit more with various people, however, the idea was pushed aside while trying to align the proper people to make it come to fruition.  Early in 2013, Ciprianni met Shawn Fowler,the owner of FIVE GRAPPLING. After kicking around the idea a bit, they once again derailed the idea based on timing.

In late 2017, Ciprianni and Fowler collaborated on a Kids Jiu Jitsu Pro Series that was a huge success. The two philanthropist/entrepreneurs dedication to developing programs to keep kids off the streets and give back to the community basically created a match made in heaven. This immediately triggered talk about the WORLD SUPERSTARS OF GRAPPLING again.

THE WORLD SUPERSTARS OF GRAPPLING is the result of a 6 year investment to develop a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)/Submission Grappling League for North America and eventually worldwide. A large investment of both time and money has been made to test and gain knowledge about the current competitive landscape and how to strategically position a tournament series to provide an outstanding competition format filled with monetary rewards and ran by industry leading professionals.

Currently FIVE GRAPPLING has earned a reputation as a promotion obsessed with creating great tournament experiences for competitors and spectators along with being a creative and media savvy business. WSOG has implemented progressive rules based on extensive research in an effort to promote action and improve the sport for educated and uneducated spectators and participants. Based on this and other initiatives implemented during the proof of concept stage, many see FIVE as a company willing to test new ideas for growing BJJ/Submission Grappling.

In addition to adding additional markets and growing current markets, WSOG endeavors to establish a professional league absolute that allows Blue to Black Belts to compete for substantial cash prizes. This will serve to enhance the tournament series as well as bringing new competitors and spectators to the sport of grappling almost overnight. In the USA, there are more than 9000 martial arts academies teaching Jiu Jitsu. Assuming an average size school is 200 students, we can estimate that at least 1 million individuals in the USA are training Jiu Jitsu. In an effort to service this rapidly expanding demo graphic, WSOG is working to achieve a synergistic business plan wherein the athletes of all belt levels can compete in a professional environment and earn as a professional athlete. Who will be he first to win the World Superstars of Grappling?